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Step 1: Register for our course

  1. Visit or speak to our Executive Education manager at 6516 5128.
  2. Submit application by clicking on the [APPLY] button on the individual course information page.
  3. Once your application has been accepted, we will send you a confirmation email with:
    1. Important Course Information, 
    2. an official invoice, and 
    3. a link to the SkillFuture Credit portal for you to start making a claim.

Step 2: Claim your SkillsFuture Credit

  1. Go to the SkillsFuture link that is provided in the email, and click on the [Proceed to Claim Credit] button.

  2. You will be asked to login with your SingPass UserID, password and 2FA key.
  3. You will arrive at the Claim Submission page. First, select the correct Course Start Date by referring to the Important Course Information section of the confirmation email.

  4. Lower down the page, do proceed to enter complete the two remaining fields, Fees Payable by You and Amount of Credit to Claim. This information can also be found in the Important Course Information section of the confirmation email.

  5. Proceed to leave a check mark on the Declaration part of the form before submitting it.

Step 3: Make Outstanding Payment

  1. Once your SkillsFuture claim is submitted, you will arrive at a screen that summarises your SkillsFuture claim. Please print this screen and attach it to your payment for the balance payment (via cheque). Payment should be made to the National University of Singapore, Department of Communications and New Media at least 14 working days before the course start date.