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  • Use the Lecture Theatre (LT) or Seminar Room microphone so that audio can be captured.
  • Use PowerPoint Slide size 16:9 for best effect.
     Click Design Tab, Select Slide Size and choose Widescreen 16:9 at the drop down list

    Slide Size 16:9Slide Size 4:3

  • Avoid using laser pointers as they cannot be captured clearly on camera. Use the mouse instead.

  • DO NOT switch OFF all lights. Leave some lights ON for better video recording.

  • Ensure the course module has been created in LumiNUS for publishing.

  • Show the title of the lecture in the first slide for meaningful naming of the video in LumiNUS.

  • Use the LT/Seminar Room computer for presentation as it is configured for recording.

Quick Webcast Lecture.pdf

Visit the Webcast Service Desk (NUSNET login required) if you wish to configure your notebook for recording.