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Zoom has been enabled in Microsoft Teams as an app that allows you to schedule a meeting or join a scheduled meeting from within the Microsoft Teams.

Your Microsoft Zoom Meetings app on the left menu serves as your personal hub for all of your Zoom Meetings and those you have been invited to. Meetings created in Teams will automatically appear on your Zoom account.

Add Zoom app into your Teams

Step 1: Go to Apps (left menu bar) and search for Zoom. Click Add

Step 2: On the Zoom app, go to My Meetings and Sign in with SSO. 

Step 3: Authorize the app and accept permissions requested. 

You can now start or schedule a meeting, or share your screen.

Schedule a Meeting (Outside a Team)

You may choose to add specific participants which will trigger a calendar invite to them.

Expand the advanced options to check them accordingly.

Your scheduled meeting will appear on your Outlook and Teams Calendar.


(error) Editing the event from Teams Calendar will give an additional "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link which will confuse your participants(error)

Schedule a Meeting (Within a Team Channel)

Step 1: Go to your team channel's Posts tab and click on the Zoom icon under "Start a new conversation". 

Note that this feature is only available in standard channels (and not private channels). 

Step 2: Enter the meeting details and send the post. Everyone in the team receives a calendar invite with the Zoom link. 

Note that any changes to the meeting details later from your Zoom account will NOT be reflected in this post, unless you delete the entire post. 

The meeting's advanced settings may follow the options from your last scheduled meeting. 

To check the settings, or edit/delete this Zoom meeting, go to [...] on the left menu bar and select Zoom > My Meetings to manage them. 


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