Download and install the 360fly Director software first before proceeding. The software is required to process and convert your footage.
  1. Turn the 360fly on (Press and hold the power button until it starts blinking blue and the camera vibrates) and launch the 360fly Director software on your computer.
  2. Using the provided cradle and cable, attach the 360fly to your computer.
  3. The LED will show yellow when properly attached.

  4. On the navigation bar in the 360fly Director Software, click "Camera"

  5. A "Camera Found" window will pop up. Select "360fly 4K"

  6. The software will start loading all the captured photos and videos from it's internal storage.
    A green progress bar will start from the top left, with a processing message displayed at the top right. Once it reaches 100%, the thumbnails will all be loaded.

  7. You can import videos using two different methods.
    Import single video: hover-over a thumbnail, click import
    Import all videos: click "Import All".
    Note: "Import All" allows you to replace "FLY" in the filename to be of your choosing.

    The progress bar will appear and videos will be added to your Library.

    To verify your videos have been imported, click "Images" and "Videos" to view your respective recorded media.