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You can now setup your Team and create public channels for your various topic/weekly discussion from the LumiNUS Chat Room tool.

  1. If this is your FIRST-TIME using TeamUp, goto , click NUS Account button and login with your NUS account and password in the NUS Login page.
  2. Go to your LumiNUS module and from the tools click Chat Room on the left menu.
  3. If you have yet enable TeamUp for your module, click Enable TeamUp Chat button. This will create a team for your module on TeamUp and also send an email to your students with the team Invite URL.


     4. Students need to click the Team Invite URL (sent via email or LumiNUS Chat Room) at least once to join the team. You may also share this Invite URL with your other colleagues/users whom you may wish to add to your team.


     5. Click on Create Channel button to start creating channels inside your team. Creation of channels can be based on each topic or week.


     6. Students can then click the channel name in LumiNUS Chat Room to go into the respective channels on TeamUp for discussions.

Each module can only have one team. Please create public channels for your in class discussions or private channels to discuss with a particular user or a group of users.

For more details of TeamUp, please refer to: TeamUp wiki guide.


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