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Type A: Technology Enhanced Collaborative Rooms

These rooms are designed to promote active discussion among students, engagement with content and presentation of student content. They can also support multiple modes of teaching.

Student sit in groups of six with each group sharing a common table, group monitor and whiteboard. Students using their notebooks can project their screen contents to their monitor for actively discussion. Whiteboards facilitate brainstorming among the students. The lecturer has an unobstructed view of the whole class and the intense discussion going on and can move between the student groups and view and listen in on their discussion, ask questions and solicit answers on topics being discussed.

Group discussion is further facilitated by ample whiteboard, flexible furniture and ample power points. Feedback monitor, project group monitors, projectors, writing tablet, visualizer are controlled through a user friendly touch screen interface. The teaching console support both Windows and Macintosh based notebooks and come with USB connectors.

The general ambience of the room is further enhanced by suitable energy saving cool lights with simplified controls and rechargeable, portable hands-free microphones.


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