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If you do need more information and help, please send to .

Recording in Lecture Theatre, will be supported by use of Zoom to facilitate the hybrid classroom and Panopto to record the lectures. You will use a Zoom  to connect yourself and your students to each other, wherever they are and the lecture will be recorded via the Panopto lecture capture and uploaded to LumiNUS.

Before Class Starts 

  1. Login to LumiNUS to start creating your Zoom meeting for the online class. Alternatively you may also create the meeting from .

  2. In LumiNUS, click on your module. Select Conferencing from the left menu.

  3. Click + Create Meeting. [If you have not activated your NUS Zoom account, it will prompt you to activate and sign in.]

  4. Refer to the detailed guide to enter the information required.

  5. Select Yes to Enable Recording. For Recording Type, set to Cloud Recording. Click Create.

  6. Click on Send email to send your students the meeting link.

  7. Students will also be able to participate in the meeting from the student conferencing page as shown below.

  8. Once the Zoom meeting has been setup, proceed to request for Lecture Recording if you wish to record the lecture simultaneously with Panopto and select "Record my Lectures with Zoom plus Panopto and post on LumiNUS". Ensure that venue has been booked prior to requesting for recording.

During the class

  1. If this is the first time you are doing a hybrid session, try to reach the Lecture Theatre (LT) about 15 minutes before the start of your lecture if you require some guidance from the ITSS classroom support team. Note that different LTs might have different equipment availability such as visualizer etc. Bring along your face shield.

  2. In the Lecture Theatre, start by logging to the PC. Access LumiNUS Conferencing tool. Click on the Zoom meeting session created for the class. “Sign in with SSO” if authentication has been set and the Zoom meeting will be launch.

    1. Check and ensure that online students have logged in to your Zoom meeting session before you begin your lesson.

    2. Ensure that your LT camera and LT microphone are both enabled. The camera that is installed at the back of the LT will be the source camera for your Zoom class and will be recorded simultaneously via Panopto lecture recording. You may move around in the LT while teaching as you will using the wireless microphone provided. Audio will be heard by both in class students and online students.

    3. Check that students online and in class are able to see and hear you.

    4. Open your PowerPoint slides. In Zoom click on “share screen” and select your PowerPoint slides or the content you wish to project and share to your students. Ensure the content you are sharing are visible to both in-class and online students.

    5. For recording, always ensure LT microphone is used and turn on.

    6. Before the start of the lecture, inform your students to use the “raise hand” function in Zoom or chat if they wish to ask a question. Ensure that students are muted as their voice will be projected to the LT speakers. Do take breaks in between your lecture to check on the Zoom chats and students who raised a question. If there is a question raised from the students in class, please repeat the question for your students online to hear.

    7. If you need to write on a whiteboard, you may use the Zoom whiteboard and a writing tablet if available in the venue. If you will be using the visualizer or document camera, the web lecture camera at the back of the LT will record from the projector.

      Students view of Zoom from an online student attending the class

End your class

  1. Before the lesson ends, check the Zoom chat session, Q&A for any queries and questions raised by students.

  2. End the Zoom session.

After the class

  1. Your Zoom recording will be automatically uploaded to Zoom Cloud and accessible to your class students via LumiNUS Conferencing page.
  2. Your class session will also be recorded via CIT's lecture recording service (Panopto) and uploaded to the LumiNUS Web Lectures. This provides students a better interface to interact with your lecture.

    Panopto recorded hybrid class in the Lecture Theatre

Enhance the interaction by using Poll Everywhere

NUS has a campus wide license for Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere allows both in class students and online students to ask text questions in class. You can use Zoom's text chat for this, but Poll Everywhere is more powerful. It allows all your students to ask questions in a neutral manner without interrupting the class - those who are not in class are not disadvantaged - and students can upvote questions. If you have someone to support you in class, she/he can moderate the questions. (You can do this yourself, but you will need another computer.)




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