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  1. Create a MediaWeb channel in LumiNUS, if you have not done so. Once done, click to enter the MediaWeb channel.

  2. Click Create, then select Record a new session.

  3. If this is your first MediaWeb (Panopto) recording, click Download Installer for the respective Operating System to install Panopto.

    Once installed, click Launch Panopto.

  4. The Panopto recording software will launch.



    The Folder information is pre-configured. This enables the recording to appear in the MediaWeb channel you created.

    Change the Name of the session to the title of your video.


    Ensure that the audio is set to the correct microphone source. If it is correct, you will see the audio levels (green to red) fluctuate while you are speaking.

    If you intend to show a webcam footage of yourself, you may turn on your webcam from the Video drop-down menu.

    You may open the presentation that you which to record.


    Once ready, click Record.

    Click Pause to take a break. (F9 for Windows, ⌘+Option+P for Mac.)

    To stop recording, click Stop (F10 for Windows, ⌘+Option+R for Mac.)


    Click Upload to upload the content. 

    If you want to re-record, you may press Delete and record again.


    Processing time varies depending on the length of recording and the amount of movement on screen.

    You can exit the MediaWeb folder. Processing will continue in the background. 

    Once it is ready you will be able to view your recording in that folder.

    Click here to learn more about the Windows recorder and Mac recorder.