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Please bring a large capacity thumbdrive (more than 8 GB) or external hard disk with you.

  • You will need to save your work to continue editing elsewhere.
  • The recording PC is also regularly cleared.
  • Look neat and tidy.
  • Wear bright solid colours or pastels.
    Blue, purple, pink, yellow are good colours for recording.
  • Wear stripes, polka dots, fine checks or other patterns.
  • Wear maroon, black or white.
    Maroon or black may blend with the background. White may be too reflective.
  • Have items in breast pockets or wear reflective jewellery.
If you are chroma keying
  • Have a short and neat haircut. Long hair should be tied up neatly.
    This will give allow for clean separation between you and the green screen.
  • Wear green.
    This will interfere with the chroma keying - the background you insert will appear on your clothes.
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