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All NUS users (staff and student) can login using their NUS id and password. 

You only need to import participants if you need to track them, i.e. you want to know which participant answers what (the questions are restricted to registered participants) AND they are not NUS users.

Steps to import your participants are as follows:

  1. Click Participants from the top bar.
  2. Click Add participant.
  3. A pop up will appear, click Import.
  4. A page will appear listing the 4 steps that you need to complete. Since you are under NUS account, all steps are compulsory including number 3 which is marked optional. Below are some information regarding the steps.
    Step 1: You will be required to use Poll Everywhere excel template when importing your participants. Download the file and fill in the compulsory field - Email, First Name, Last Name.
    Step 2: Upload the excel file by clicking the Choose File button.
    Step 3: Create a participant group for your users. This can be in the format of ModuleCode_AcademicYear_Semester, example: WWZ001_1819_2.
    Step 4: Click the Continue button where the excel file will be validated.