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A verified certificate shows that you have successfully completed an edX course with a passing grade in the verified track. You are required to verify your identity using your webcam and a photo ID that has the photo and name on the same side, with a name that matches your full name in your edX account.

Verified certificates are available for a fee that varies by course, ranging between 50 USD and 300 USD.

Once enroled in the audit track, you can upgrade to the verified track soon after the course begins. But take note of when the audit access expires (usually 5-6 weeks from start date) and the deadline to upgrade

  • You will NOT be able to upgrade to the verified track after the upgrade deadline has passed, or after the course has ended.
  • No certificates are available for archived courses.

If you have decided to earn a verified certificate for this course, click on Upgrade Now

For students doing Design-Your-Own-Module (DYOM)

You need to make payment upfront for the verified track of the course you intend to declare as DYOM, and request for reimbursement after passing the course and obtaining the verified certificate (with a capped amount per student). 

Please refer to the DYOM website for more information. 

Payment for Verified Track

Fill in your payment details to place order.

Payment modes include credit/debit card (Discover, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX), PayPal, or Apple Pay (on supported devices). Note that the currency is in US Dollars (USD).

Verify your identity

When you've completed all the course contents and graded assignments, go to the Dashboard and click Verify Now

EdX encrypts your photos and uses the highest levels of security available to protect your data.

Technical Requirements

This verification process takes 1-2 days to complete. A message on your dashboard (and a notification email) informs you whether the verification process was successful; if not you have to submit new verification photos. Once successful, it is effective for one year for all the courses you purchase later. 

View your certificate

To view your certificate, go to your Profile > My Certificates and View Certificate of the course. 

Share your success!

Showcase the skills and knowledge you've gained which can help advance your professional or academic career.

a) Share the dedicated Certification URL (shown at bottom of certificate) with anyone, and you may choose to share on social media (e.g. LinkedIn). 

b) To download the certificate, click on the Print button, choose save as PDF

Other information

For more information, please visit edX documentation: 

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