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The existing Turnitin report will change soon for instructors and students.

This affects all Turnitin users in NUS, including those using Turnitin via IVLE.

The new report layout, Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers the existing functionalities of Turnitin, but in a simplified, more intuitive interface.

This video compares the classic report to Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio will be introduced in two phases:

  1. Recess Week AY16/17 Sem 2:
    Feedback Studio will be enabled. You will be able to toggle between Feedback Studio and Classic view.

  2. Friday 21 July 2017
    Feedback Studio will be mandatory for all users. Classic view will be removed. If you were on Classic view, you will be switched to Feedback Studio.

Once activated, you can expect to see a new interface when you view papers in Turnitin. Your students will also experience this new interface when viewing Similarity Reports and receiving feedback.


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Video not visible? Access it here.

Try the DEMO

What does Feedback Studio look like? Experiment with the demo.


  • For Turnitin via IVLE, you can switch between views on the document viewer.
  • For Turnitin direct, you can also switch between views in the user info settings. Please refer to the respective links below.



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