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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based digital workspace that enables real-time collaboration between faculty and students and learning can extend beyond the classroom.

Class Teams help you easily manage class workflow while engaging every student's voice. You can move quickly and easily from conversations to content creation. You can communicate with students, share files and links, grade assignments and schedule online classes. Students can collaborate on group projects by co-authoring files and engaging in meetings and conversations, all in one place. 

Class Teams Provisioned in NUS

To save you the hassle of adding students individually, NUS IT and CIT has provisioned 1 class team per group for NUS academic modules:

  • Lecture (L)
  • Design Lecture (D)
  • Packaged Lecture (P)
  • Seminar-Style Module Class (E)
  • Sectional Teaching (S)

It is optional for teaching staff to use Teams as an engagement tool in complement with LumiNUS, or standalone. Students will only be allowed into the team when teaching staff (i.e. team owners) activates it. The plan is to automate this process and provision class teams every semester. 

Announcement for AY2020/2021 Semester 1

Class teams for new semester are provisioned. Please login to Teams and look for the team name "2010_modulecode_classgroup". 

Update as of Monday, August 10, 2020

Due to the service incident last week (which is resolved), the student roster (members in the team) for ModReg Round 3 will be synced on 11 August 2020. 

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