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Cloud Room Connector:

Cloud Room Connector runs in Zoom (public cloud) and allows internal and external H.323/SIP devices to connect to a Zoom meeting.

Call Out - Calling a H.323/SIP Device from a Zoom Meeting

  1. Launch and Start the Zoom Meeting.
  2. On the Zoom Host Control click on Invite.
  3. From the pop-up window, click Invite a Room System.
  4. Choose the Call Out tab.
  5. Type in the IP address of the H.323 device you're calling.
    Or type in E.164 number of SIP Device.
  6. Select H.323 or SIP.
  7. Click on Call.

Dial In - Calling into a Zoom Meeting from a H.323 Device

  1. Dial to  Cloud Connector IP Address from your H.323 device. For Singapore it's

    International List
    Cloud Connector IP Address
    (Japan Tokyo)
    (Canada Toronto)
    (Japan Osaka)
    (Australia Melbourne)
    (Canada Vancouver)
    (India Mumbai)
    (Hong Kong SAR)
    (Australia Sydney)
    (US West)
    (India Hyderabad)
    (US East)
  2. On the Room Connector welcome screen, type in the Meeting ID number (without the "dashes"), followed by passcode.
  3. SIP/H.323 Room Connector Dial Strings

Dial In - Calling into a Zoom Meeting from a SIP Device

  1. A SIP domain is a DNS hostname that can accept SIP traffic for your Zoom meeting. If you make a SIP request using SIP domain, such as , it will route to Zoom meeting service.

    International List
    Cloud Connector
    Domain Name
    US West
    Netherlands Amsterdam
    Australia Sydney
    Australia Melbourne
    Canada Toronto
    Canada Vancouver
    Japan Tokyo
    Japan Osaka

Zoom Guide:

  1. Getting started with the SIP/H323 Room Connector
  2. New Updates for the Cloud Room Connector
  3. Supported Devices, Protocols and Codecs