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If you have not logged in to Zoom before, activate your Zoom account by signing in at

Check your mailbox for the Zoom invitation email and confirm the invitation. Then do the SSO login again.

Once done, you can then Sign In with SSO > Company Domain: nus-sg

SSO Sign In Error - after changing my NUS ID or NUS Email (Friendly) Address

Log in to Zoom

Screenshots taken on Zoom Cloud Meetings app 5.5.3 on iOS 14.4.
Click Sign In.N.A.

Sign in with SSO.

DO NOT use the default sign in.

Enter nus-sg as the company domain.

Enter NUSNET ID and password

  • nusstu\userID
  • nusstf\userID
  • nusext\userID

If you encounter issues with logging in, clear your browser's cookies and cache completely (all time or all history), restart the browser, then try again.

Open Zoom.
You will then be brought back to the Zoom app. Allow Zoom to open if prompted.

Logged in.

Check that the account is correct, by clicking on your image thumbnail on top right.

You will see your NUS Email Address (Friendly if any).

Start your Zoom meeting or join a meeting with the meeting ID and passcode.

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