Why hybrid classroom?

Hybrid teaching allows classes to be held face-to-face while allowing students to join from other locations.

This will likely be necessary while we grapple with COVID-19 because:

  1. safe-distancing measures may limit classroom attendance, and
  2. students may not be able to:
    1. leave their zone (on campus),
    2. leave their country and/or enter Singapore, or
    3. attend in person as they are ill, exhibit symptoms of illness, on stay-home notice or on quarantine.

While this is not an ideal situation, it is one that will be reality for the moment.

It is imperative that students joining from outside the classroom have as good a learning experience as possible.

With some preparation and practice, this can be done.

There will be exceptions where the nature of the course requires physical presence or specialised equipment available only on campus.

While we cannot address every situation, we hope that these instructions provide a starting point for hybrid classrooms.

Briefing slides & recordings

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Thu 6 Aug

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