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Login on any browser

Go to Office 365 Portal and login with NUSNET ID and select Teams

Download Client Apps

Get Teams on all your devices:

 Web Browser (

  • Microsoft Edge [Calls and Meetings supported]
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome (latest and 2 previous major versions) [Calls and Meetings supported]
  • Firefox (latest and 2 previous major versions)
  • Safari 11.1+

 Desktop App

  • Windows 7+ (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • MacOS (10.10+)
  • Linux (.deb & .rpm)

 Mobile App

  • Android (latest and 3 previous major version)
  • iOS (latest and 1 previous major version)

Creating a New Team

  • Choose a team type (for staff only)





    ScenarioTeachers and students working on group projects, assignments etc.Professional Learning Community for educators.Staff or departments working on administration tasks & development. Any other interest groups or collaborations.
    Team OwnersTeachersEducatorsStaff leadersAnyone
    Team MembersStudentsOther educatorsStaff membersAnyone
    Educational Goals
    • Assign, track, and review student work
    • Export grades
    • Collaborate and communicate in the classroom
    • Make announcements
    • Administer quizzes and polls
    • Work in student groups
    • Share and organise rich content
    • Invite virtual experts into the classroom
    • Collaborate in professional learning communities

    • Communicate

    • Make announcements

    • Share work

    • Organise virtual or face-to-face meetings

    • Work in smaller groups

    • Share and organise content

    • Oversee professional development, staff, and administrative goals

    • Communicate

    • Make announcements

    • Share content and progress reports

    • Work in smaller groups

    • Organize virtual or face-to-face meetings

    • Collaborate and communicate with team members

    • Make announcements

    • Share content

    • Organize virtual or face-to-face meetings

    • Work in smaller groups

    • Private Team only.
    • Teachers can mute/disable individual students' conversations.
    • Students only have write permission in certain areas.
    • Educators share equal read-write permissions.
    • Staff leaders control posting settings. Staff members only have write permission in certain areas.
    • Staff leaders control posting settings. Staff members only have write permission in certain areas.
    Default Setup

    Class Notebook

    1. Collaboration Space
    2. Content Library
    3. Student Notebooks
      • Class Notes
      • Handouts
      • Homework
      • Quizzes


    • Teachers can create, distribute, track and review and grade student work.
    • Students can track due dates, submit their work and check feedback.
    OneNote notebook

    Staff Notebook

    1. Collaboration Space
    2. Content Library
    3. Private Notebooks
      • Professional Dev
      • Classroom Observations
      • Lesson Plan Feedback
      • Evaluation
      • Parent Communication

    OneNote notebook (optional)

    Learn More..Create a team for classesCreate a team for PLCsCreate a team for staff

    Source: Microsoft Support - Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

  • Team visibility setting: 
    • Public (visible to entire organisation) 
    • Private (by invite only)
  • Create a team
    1. Add members (individual users or groups) by email addresses or
    2. Generate a code for users to join 
    3. Share the team link and approve the members

Teams and Channels

Read: Best practices for organising teams

  • Add channels within a team to focus on specific topics with customised content (up to 200 channels per team)
  • Add connectors to integrate 3rd party tools


  • Threaded conversations (reply to posts / start a new conversation).
  • Use @mention to bring to someone's attention. @team and @channel mentions will trigger an email notification by default if the members are not logged in.
  • Like and save important messages
  • Express yourself with attachments, emojis, stickers and GIFs
  • New members can see past content and chat history anytime (if team owner choose to allow)


  • Organise your files, notes, links and custom tools into tabs for quick access.
  • Seamless integration with in-built Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for co-editing.


Schedule an audio or video call with anyone or with your team for online meetings.

  • Share screens (entire desktop / specific window / PowerPoint file) 
  • Use the Microsoft WhiteBoard right in your meeting
  • Record meetings for absentees (saved in Microsoft Stream) 
  • Chat during meeting (captured in Conversations) 

See: Online Meeting with Teams


Private chat for 1:1 or form chat groups:

  • Share files 
  • Make an audio/video call 

For more guides and FAQ, visit Microsoft Teams Help Center.

Limits and Specifications


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