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  1. Go to
  2. Key in your NUS email, after which you will be re-directed to the login page where you enter your user ID and password.
  3. Select Sway from the service.

Creating New Sway Presentation

  1. Click on “Create New” on the menu bar
  2. Content is added as card. To add card, click on the plus sign.
  3.  The following card will be available. You may add in text, header, picture and even upload files onto your card.
  4. Click on Preview button to see the preview of your Sway presentation.
  5. Click on Play button to start your presentation view.
  6. Click on share button to share your presentation. there a few ways to share your presentation. You may share it by
    1. Share with only my organization.
    2. Share with anyone with a link.
    3. Public - discoverable on search engines
  7. To allow others to edit your Sway presentation, click on Author and share the link provided. 



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