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Devices RequiredReceiver (for instructors) and clickers (for students) – these can be loaned out from CITMobile phone OR any devices that have internet connection access.Any devices that have internet connection access.
Software Required

Downloadable here:
URLNONE (not web based)
Mode of Answering QuestionsStudents use clickers to answer the question.Through sms OR students go to the website to answer the question.Students go to the website to answer the question.
PowerPoint IntegrationYesNoNo
Question Type
  • MCQ
  • Multiple Selection
  • Free Text Question
  • Poll Question / MCQ
  • Open Ended Question
  • MCQ
  • Multiple selection
  • Ordering (a sequence)
  • Line (matching an option to another)
  • Point-picture
  • Drawing
Correct Answer Indicator / CalculationYesNoNo
Answering in Group NoNoYes
Allowing Students to Ask QuestionNoYes – using free text question optionYes
Allowing Students to Vote on a Question / ResponseNoYesYes
Students TrackingYes, students will need to register their clickers.Yes, however if students are using sms, they must use the same phone number stored in IVLE.Yes, when students are imported into the course their email address is required.
Response ExportYesYesYes, but only 1 time.
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