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Meetings created in LumiNUS are linked to your NUS Zoom account.
They are accessible from the NUS Zoom Portal and are listed in the list of upcoming meetings.

You are highly encouraged to use LumiNUS to schedule the meetings with your students.
The options in LumiNUS focus is a one-stop easy meeting invite, with enhanced security options and accessing of cloud recordings for students.

Certain advance features will not be available in LumiNUS Conferencing, and you will have to use the Zoom Portal to use these features:

  • Pre-assign breakout room
  • Recurring meetings
  • Disable require Sign In to join meeting
  • Prepare poll questions in advance
  • Disable require Sign In to watch video playback

    Sync button

    Use the Sync button in LumiNUS if you have edited the following meeting details in NUS Zoom Portal:

    • Topic
    • Date
    • Time
    • Passcode 
FeaturesLumiNUSNUS Zoom Portal
Date/TimeCustom or follow timetableCustom one time or recurring sessions
InvitationInvite module and various options to select facilitators and groups.Only copy invitation out.
Waiting RoomOptionalOptional
Sign In Required to JoinEnforced with the choice of NUS Zoom Account or any Zoom Account.Not enforced.
Can choose to not require Sign In.
Automatically Start Recording when meeting startsOptional. Choice of Record to Computer or Cloud.Optional. Choice of Record to Computer or Cloud.
Pre-Assign BreakoutNo. Please go to NUS Zoom Portal to pre-assign breakout.Yes. Choice of assigning individually or upload csv.
Polling (ad-hoc during meeting)Yes. Click the Poll button (host).Yes. Click the Poll button (host).
Prepare polling questions in advanced.No. Please go to NUS Zoom Portal, click on Meeting and click on Polling tab at the bottom. Click Add.Yes. Click on Polling tab at the bottom. Click Add.
Share cloud recordingClick Publish Cloud recording under meetings in Expired sessions.
Note: Allow 3-4 hours after meeting has ended for the recordings to be ready.

Go to Recordings in the NUS Zoom Portal:
Click the Share button and copy the information out.