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You may want to check the current status of Zoom services on the day of your event:

CIT provides

  1. NUS Zoom Wiki - It is a Zoom guide and FAQs with NUS community in mind.
  2. Conferencing Helpdesk - Login with your NUS ID and password

Zoom provides

  1. Online support
  2. Online ticket submission (Refer below for Priority levels. Include as cc when submitting a ticket.)
  3. Chatbot - Login and select the chat icon in the bottom right. 
  4. Report abusive behaviour

Zoom Support hours

Zoom agents and technical engineers are available 24 x 7 to provide support over the web and chat, including on public holidays. 

Priority levels

When a support ticket is initiated with Zoom’s technical support team, it will be classified according to the following Priority levels:

  • Priority 1 - Urgent: The service is “down,” operation of the service is severely degraded, or there is a critical impact to the service due to a fault with the network or other software issue. No workarounds. Examples include failures of Zoom’s transmission services or software functions. Zoom will provide necessary resources around the clock to resolve this situation.
  • Priority 2 - High: Significant aspects of the service are negatively affected by inadequate performance of the network or other software issues. Partial or no workarounds. Zoom will provide resources during Zoom’s normal business hours to resolve the situation and additional resources outside of Zoom’s normal business hours as reasonably necessary.
  • Priority 3 - Normal: General issues related to a feature or a set of features. Operational performance of the service is not impaired. Zoom will provide reasonable resources during Zoom’s normal business hours to assist in resolving the problem or providing a workaround.
  • Priority 4 – Low: Informational or Feature Change Request: Customer requires information or assistance with service’s capabilities, installation or configuration and there is little to no effect on its business operations. Included are requests for information, assistance, features, alpha/beta and others. Such requests will be handled within Zoom's normal business hours.