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Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is a not-for-profit MOOC provider that has partnered with 115 top-tier universities and organisations to provide high-quality educational materials online, accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

As of 1 April 2019, there are more than 2000 MOOCs offered, including:

  • MicroMasters (stackable graduate-level courses from several partner universities, providing deep learning in specific career fields and recognized by employers for their real job relevance)
  • Professional Certificate (courses designed by industry and university partners to build and enhance critical professional skills)
  • Online Master's Degree
  • Xseries (certificate-bearing courses providing a deep understanding of in-demand fields such as coding, astrophysics etc and several freshman-level courses – akin to NUS’s RNS iBLOCs created for returning NS men and freshmen)

About edX courses

Course features differ based on whether you're enrolled in the audit (free) or verified (paid) track of a course. 

Archived Courses

Some edX course become archived when the course ends. In an archived course, course materials (e.g. lectures and readings) are still available (for audit track) but can no longer be completed for a grade or certificate (i.e. cannot be enrolled in verified track). Some features like discussion forums and assignments may not be available. If you enroll in the verified track while a course is active, you'll still be able to access the course after it is archived. 

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