1. Login to Canvas
  2. Go to: https://canvas.nus.edu.sg/search/all_courses to search for your courses (this can also be accessed from Courses > All courses > Browse courses)

  3. Search for the course by keying in the Course code or Course Title, then click on the course of your choice

  4. Finally, click Syllabus on the left Navigation menu to access the Syllabus information for the courses.

Syllabus link not showing?

This common query is applicable to FASS courses, all of which are required to display their Syllabus.

Courses from other faculties/schools may not be required to display their Syllabus to who are not enrolled in the course.

If the Syllabus link is not showing, it is likely because the course navigation menu is hidden or collapsed. 

To unhide the navigation menu, directly key in the link to Syllabus page by appending /assignments/syllabus to the URL for the course. e.g., https://canvas.nus.edu.sg/courses/21495/assignments/syllabus 


  1. Go to any course that you can access. Use this course, if you are not enrolled in any course.
  2. Click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top left to toggle the course navigation links.
  3. You should be able to view the Syllabus in courses of courses are not enrolled in.