This bug has been fixed

  1. This was a bug first reported by instructors on Wed 26 Apr 2023.
  2. This bug was reported as fixed on Wed 31 May 2023.
  3. The bug appears to be related to a certain screen width, regardless of web browser.
  4. The workarounds below are aimed at maximising the screen width.


  1. You have a Turnitin assignment in Canvas.
  2. The Turnitin assignment already has submissions, which you were able to see before Wed 26 Apr 2023.
  3. Now, you just see a blank, where the submissions used to be. This is regardless of browser.

Workaround 1

Click the hamburger icon (three lines) on the top left to minimise the course navigation menu.

If you need to toggle the menu when you are in another part of the course, click the hamburger icon again to show the course navigation menu.

Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘-R (Mac) or Ctrl-R (Windows) to refresh the page. Alternatively, click the refresh button in your web browser.

The students’ submissions should now be displayed.

If they are not displayed, your screen is likely not wide enough. Please try Workaround 2.

Workaround 2

Click Edit assignment settings.

Under Submission type, check Load this tool in a new tab.

Scroll down, click Save.

When students or staff visit the assignment, click the Load <assignment name> in a new window button.

This will launch the Turnitin assignment in a new tab.

With the Turnitin assignment in a new tab, the display should be wide enough to show the submissions.