No, Canvas does not have a feature to share student submissions in Assignments

Some workarounds to achieve this: 

  1. Once students have submitted their assignments, convert the assignment to a peer review assignment, by selecting the Require Peer Reviews option. Ensure that you have added the total size for the Reviews per user. For example, if your course has 25 students, then add in 25 for the Reviews per user. Students will then be able to view the submissions of the peers after the due date. Finally, Click on Peer Reviews, and click Assign Peer Reviews button to make the submissions be available to students. 
    Note: Canvas will assign peer reviews at the date and time set (or the default Due Date) to only those students that have submitted the assignment. Students that do not submit the assignment or submit after the assigned date (or default Due Date) will not be assigned as peer reviewers. As a good practice to allow some wiggle room and set the Assign Reviews date/time some hours after the Due date/time to allow for late submissions.

  2. Once students have submitted their assignments, you can download all the student submissions, then upload the downloaded files to a folder to allow students to access the files.

  3. Use a graded discussion. Select Users must post before seeing replies when setting up the discussion so that students need to first submit their assignment submission as a discussion post before seeing other students' submissions (posts).  

  4. Create a +Groupset from People to create a single group in which all students in your class are assigned to that single group. Students can then access the Group Homepage to upload files.
    One issue with this method is that you do not get to use the SpeedGrader to grade and annotate the students' submissions.