Check out the details on What information should my course Syllabus include?


  1. The course must be published for non-enrolled students to see the Syllabus.

    If you do not want enrolled students to view course material before a certain date,
    check Restrict students from viewing course before course start date in Course > Settings.

  2. Syllabus needs to be visible in course navigation. This can be set in your Course > Settings > Navigation.

  3. You can link to course content (by embedding content) in the Syllabus for the benefit of enrolled students. Links to other areas of your course from the Syllabus does not allow access to non-enrolled students when clicked. If the instructions below are followed, non-enrolled students will see a Not Authorised message.

  4. LTI tools (e.g. Videos/Panopto, Zoom) will appear in the non-enrolled view of your course.
    1. If the instructions below are followed, the content of these tools will not be visible to non-enrolled students when clicked.
    2. If you are not using these tools in your course, you can hide them from course navigation (see point 2 above), which also hides them from non-enrolled students viewing your course's Syllabus.

To make your Syllabus visible to non-enrolled students before the term starts to support them during the course registration exercise, the following settings will need to be configured. 

  1. Go to Course > Settings.

  2. Set Visibility to Course.

  3. Check Customise, then set Syllabus to Institution.

  4. Leave the Files to Course, as you do not want non-enrolled students to be viewing your files.

  5. Check Include this course in the public course index.

  6. Scroll down, click Update course details.

  7. From the home page of the course or the Dashboard, publish the course.

Using these settings, non-enrolled students will only be able to the course’s "Syllabus" page (accessed from the course navigation menu). This is regardless of whether the term date is in the future or has passed.