Inactive enrolments

When students are un-enrolled (via EduRec) from official academic courses, they are now considered inactive enrolments.

Inactive enrolments cannot access the course.

The inactive tag with their name is how they are meant to appear, and they cannot be removed from the course. This is helpful as you may need to access data regarding the inactive students' participation and grades.

Rationale for the change

The rationale for introducing inactive enrolments is to prevent data loss associated with user removal and subsequent reinstatement.

Instead of completely removing a user enrolment from the course and their associated data from a system, their enrolment status is changed to inactive. This allows the data to be preserved and easily reactivated if the user is reinstated.

Notes on inactive Teachers and wrong sections displayed

The following are an unintended effects of move to display student inactive enrolments:

  1. Instructors entirely removed from a course are listed as inactive.
  2. Previous sections for users are still displayed.
    1. Students and instructors moved from one section to another are also listed as inactive in the sections they have been removed from.
    2. However, unlike removing users entirely from a course, there is no inactive tag visible to instructors for those who have changed sections. Instead, instructors see all the sections a user is and was part of.

      Click the student's name. The sidebar that appears on the right will display the section(s) that the student is in.

Who sees the inactive users?

  1. While instructors see inactive users in People, students cannot see inactive students nor inactive instructors. This can be verified by using Student View in People.
  2. Also, for instructors who have been removed from a section, the students do not see the instructor in that section any more.

The students do not see the wrong information.

How inactive students are treated in a course

The tables below summarise how inactive enrolments are treated in an active course, and what occurs if a previously inactive student is reactivated.

Student enrolment configured as inactive

Inactive students have no access to the course.


Teachers can see inactive students marked as inactive in People.

PeopleTeachers can see the course activity of inactive students in the student access report via People.
GroupsTeachers cannot assign unassigned inactive students to groups.
GroupsTeachers see inactive students already in groups marked as inactive.

Teachers can view names and grades of inactive students, if Show Inactive Enrolments is enabled in Grades.

GradesTeachers can export names and grades of inactive students, if Show Inactive Enrolments is enabled in Grades.
GradesTeachers can edit grades of inactive students, if Show Inactive Enrolments is enabled in Grades.
New AnalyticsInactive students are not shown in New Analytics.
InboxTeachers cannot send messages to inactive students via Inbox.

Inactive students are removed from Assign To in Assignments.

If the assignment is assigned solely to inactive students, the Assign To dates are removed.


Teachers can view and download assignment submissions of inactive students.

  1. To do this, there must be at least one active student in the course.
  2. In SpeedGrader, the inactive student's attempts are only shown if Show Inactive Enrolments is enabled in Grades.
Assignments (Turnitin)Teachers can view and download Turnitin submissions of inactive students.
Quizzes (Classic)Teachers can view attempts and responses of inactive students in Classic Quizzes.
DiscussionsTeachers can see inactive students marked as inactive in Discussions.
Attendance (Roll Call)Inactive students are not shown in Attendance (Roll Call).
CalendarScheduler appointment slots reserved by inactive students are released but are unavailable for other students to select.
CalendarMessages cannot be sent via Edit Appointments to inactive students for appointment slots restricted to one student, taken by the inactive student.

If a previously inactive student is reactivated

Reactivated student access the course normally.

PeopleTeachers view the previously inactive student without the inactive tag.
Assignments, Grades, Groups, QuizzesTeachers can view submissions and responses of reactivated students.
AssignmentsTeachers can view the reactivated student in the respective assignment which s/he was originally assigned to (assuming they were assigned to the assignment individually).