Be reminded of the following pointers as you share student grades in Canvas gradebook:

  1. Hide grades for an assignment until you have finished grading all submissions.
    1. Set the grade posting policy to Manual for all assignments or for a specific assignment in a course.
    2. Post the grades only when you are ready to publish the grades.
    3. If grades have been posted before you meant to post them, you will need to hide the previously posted grades.

  2. Hide totals and grade distributions.
    If you do not want your students to see grade totals and grade distributions, then be sure that Hide totals in student grades summary and Hide the grade distribution graphs from students are checked in your course settings.

  3. Enter appropriate values in grade cells for missed, excused and/or optional assignments.
    • Enter zero for students who missed submitting an assignment. Not entering a zero will appear as a '-' dash and the Gradebook calculation will simply ignore the whole assignment in the final grade total.
    • Mark "Excused" for students who are excused from submitting an assignment or for optional assignment.
      Excusing a grade allows an assignment to be ignored while determining the final grade. You will need to do this for ALL students who were not required to do the assignment. If you do not do this, a "-" dash is added in the grade cell which may penalises student(s) for not completing the assignment. 

  4. Implement course grading scheme (letter grading), if necessary.
    If you plan to use letter grades, it needs to be enabled and accurately implemented. Go to Course settings and select Enable course grading scheme. 

  5. Provide feedback and comments during grading.
    If you intend to provide feedback and comments for student submissions, then you communicate explicitly on how you are giving feedback and where they can find it or spend time to highlight how your students can read your feedback and comments and incorporate this feedback into their learning. 
    (see student guide at: View assignment comments from instructor - Canvas Student - Wiki.nus)