Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

If you have not created the Turnitin assignment, follow these instructions instead.

Enter the assignment settings

There are two ways to enter the assignment settings:

Via assignment title

Click the Turnitin assignment title.

Click Edit assignment settings on the right-hand sidebar.

Via ellipsis

Another way is to (1) click the three vertical dots (ellipsis) on the right side of the respective Turnitin assignment, then (2) click Edit.

On the Edit assignment window, click More options.

Edit Assignment Details

Edit the Assignment name.

Use the text box to edit assignment details and instructions.

Best practice

If you update the due date of the assignment and forget to update it in the instructions, it will cause confusion.

Do note that the due date you set (see Assign below) automatically appears in the students' Calendar.

  1. Edit the Points the assignment is worth.
  2. Select the Assignment group to edit from the drop-down menu. You can create a new Assignment group by selecting [ Create Group ], if needed.
  3. Select your Display grade as format to edit from the drop-down menu.
  4. Check/uncheck Do not count this assignment towards the final grade.

Ignore the following sections

Assuming you have already set up the Turnitin assignment, do not change the Configure Submission type settings.

If you not set up the Turnitin assignment, you should follow these instructions instead.

Potential pitfall

The following options do not apply to Turnitin assignments:

  • Submission Attempts*
  • Moderated grading
  • Anonymous grading
  • Anonymous instructor annotations

If the equivalent features exist*, they are configured within the Turnitin assignment.

Assign & dates

  1. Edit who to assign the Turnitin assignment to. By default, it is assigned to everyone in the Course.

    You can assign the Turnitin assignment to a course section or an individual student. If you do so, take note of the caveat below.

    Potential pitfall

    Turnitin only accepts one assignment due date.

    If you want to set different dates for different course sections or individual students, you must create an individual Turnitin assignment for each due date.

  2. Click the calendar icon to edit the Due date.

  3. Click the calendar icon to edit the Available from date.

  4. Click the calendar icon to edit the Until date.

    If an Until date is specified, students will not be able to access the Turnitin assignment once the Until date has passed i.e. they will not be able to access the similarity report (if you have allowed them to view it) nor any feedback/annotations you have done in Turnitin.

Dates for Turnitin assignments

Date order
(from earliest)
Available fromDueFeedback releaseUntil
Where to setCanvas Assignment settings.Canvas Assignment settings.Turnitin Assignment Inbox settings.Canvas Assignment settings.
NotesStudents can start submitting from this date.

Assignment deadline.

Students cannot submit after this date, unless late submission is allowed.

Late submission is configured in the Turnitin assignment settings.

Students can see your feedback / annotations (if any) from this date.

This is a hard close date.

If you set an Until date for Turnitin assignments, students will not be able to access the similarity report nor feedback on the assignment, if any, after this date.

Click Save

Click Save.