Friendly-mail aliases, faculty/major, matriculation year, subjects taken are not available in Canvas.

Print class roster (with photos and emails)

Click Course Roster on the left-hand course navigation sidebar.

  1. If you do not see a Course Roster link, you will need to make the Course Roster navigation link visible by managing the navigation links.
  2. If you are attempting to access the Course Roster off-campus, please make sure you are using NUS VPN.
  3. The Course Roster link is not visible to students, even though there is no visibility icon.
  4. The Course Roster cannot be filtered by section at the moment. This is a planned feature enhancement.

Click Print. You can choose to print to PDF if you want a soft copy.

Export class roster (with matriculation number)

If you want to take attendance (with student photos), please use Attendance (Roll Call) instead.

To export the class roster, click Grades on the left-hand navigation menu of your course.

Click Export on the top right, then Export Current Gradebook View or Export Entire Gradebook.

This produces a csv file which includes:

  1. any graded assignments which you have added to the course,
  2. matriculation numbers (under Integration ID column), and
  3. roster information (under Section column). This includes information on sections and tutorial groups.

(See csv file sample)

StudentIDSIS User IDSIS Login IDIntegration IDSection
    Points Possible


Export class roster (with groups)

If you need to download a roster with groups, follow these instructions:

These instructions assume that you have created at least one group set with groups.

Download a csv file showing the Group information within a group set:

  1. In your course, click People.
  2. Click the tab of the group set that you want to download the groups' information.
  3. Click + Import on the top right.
  4. Click the Download Course Roster CSV link to download the list.
  5. Click X on the top right to return to the Canvas interface.

Download class roster (from New Analytics)

The first time you click into New Analytics, you will have to wait about 48 hours (or more) before the analytics are generated and you can perform the download described below.

To download class roster from New Analytics, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the New Analytics button in the home page Sidebar. Depending on the size of your screen or browser, the Sidebar can appear on the right or bottom of the page.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click the Run Report button next to Class Roster.
  4. A pop-up will appear. Click Run Report.
  5. A csv file with student information will be downloaded. (see sample csv)

    Student nameStudent IDStudent SIS IDEmailSection name
    ABC80000e0123456e0123456@u.nus.eduSection 3 (CNV1101)
    DEF90000e0111222e0111222@u.nus.eduSection 4 (CNV1101)
    GHK30000e0199999e0199999@u.nus.eduSection 1 (CNV1101)