Consultation slots are created and managed from within the Calendar icon using Appointment Groups option. Before you can create consultation slots, check the calendars for the courses in which you want to add the slots.

Create consultation slots

To add consultation slots that creates a block of time where students can meet with you, do the following:

  1. Click on the Calendar from the Global Navigation menu
  2. Check the calendars for the courses in which you want to add the slots. In the example below, you can add consultation slots for CDTA11085 and CDTA18002, but not for CDTA18001. 

  3. Click on + to Create new event, and choose the Appointment Group option 
  4. Add in the necessary details and click Go
    1. the Name for your consultation,
    2. the Location,
    3. Select the Calendar for the course who want to add consultation slots
    4. the Date(s) and Time Range(s)
    5. the slot duration in minutes (this needs to be added in the Divide into equal slots section)

  5. Individual slots will be displayed as shown below. To remove any of the slots, click on the X

  6. Finally click on the Publish button. The slots are then added to your Calendar.

Message Students about the Consultation Slots

  1. Click on any of the slots in your Calendar, and click Group Details

  2. Click on Message students and select the All users option or Users who have not signed up yet option

  3. Add in your message and click Send.