New courses are created as empty shells. If you want to import content from a previous semester's course, please follow these instructions.

On the front page of your new course, you can click Import existing content > then Copy a Canvas course.

  1. From your course home page, choose Import existing content
  2. Choose Copy Canvas Course as the content type, and search for your course title from where you want to copy contents from. 
  3. Then select All content. If you only need to copy specific parts of the course, then choose Select specific content.
  4. Finally, click Import

The import process will start. If you chose Select specific content, you select the specific content after the import process has begun.

Note import behaviours and limitations

All assignments, discussions and announcements are included in the copy, and placed under Imported assignments/discussions/announcements group. Please do remove the unneeded assignments, discussions and/or announcements before publishing your course or choose only what you want to copy using the "Select Specific Content" option.

Do have a look at the full list of import behaviours and limitations.


Videos in Videos/Panopto are not part of the course import process above.

Please copy your videos from the previous semester's course to the next by following these instructions.