About Us

NUS Biorobotics Lab , directed by Professor Yu Haoyong, is developing novel robotic systems, devices, and enabling technologies to address the healthcare and manpower challenges in societies with increasing aging population. Our multidisciplinary team of biomechanics, neuroscience, and robotics adopt a biorobotics approach with insights and inspiration for nature to develop novel technologies in actuation, sensing, and control for the next generation Rehabilitation Robotics, Surgical Robotics, Assistive and Service Robotics, and Bio-inspired Robotics.

Key Research Areas

Current research:

Rehabilitation Robotics

Robotic systems, devices, and technologies that can improve the motor functions of individuals with neurological disorders. Read more...

Bio-Inspired Robotics

Bio-logically inspired actuation, sensing, and control technologies for high performance robots for search and rescue missions. Read more...

Past research:

Surgical Robotics

Robotic systems, instruments, and sensing, tracking and imaging processing technologies for minimally invasive surgery. Read more...

Assistive & Service Robotics

Intelligent mobility aids and health monitoring devices; intelligent robots for productivity enhancement in healthcare, logistics and industries. Read more...


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