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Welcome to the web course on Academic Knowledge and Inquiry!
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If you take your journey through this course seriously and work through all the exercises and the expositions, you will develop a broad cross-disciplinary understanding of the nature of academic knowledge and inquiry. Within this framework, you will develop the ability to:

    - justify a position/claim you subscribe to;

    - critically evaluate a position that you come across, along with any justification that accompanies it;

    - pursue a methodology appropriate for a given question; and

    - participate meaningfully in an academic or public debate on a controversial issue.

You will use the Table of Contents on the right to navigate throughout the course. Click on Unit 1 to see an overview of the first unit, or go straight to Section 1.2 to get started on the exercises.

There are several resources located at the top right corner of the site - Additional Materials, the Road Map, and the Glossary. Utilizing these tools as you work through the lessons will help you get the most out of this course.

The material on this website would be useful for students, teachers and anyone who values an educated mind.
[A note for teachers and graduate students]

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