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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology, or ICT, is the integration of information processing, computing and communication technologies. ICT is changing the way we learn, work and live in society. (1) 

In common usage, it is often assumed that ICT is synonymous with IT, however, ICT encompasses any product that stores, retrieve, manipulate,transmit or recieve information electronically in a digital form. (2) Some examples include mobile phones, digital cameras, RFID tags, computers, medical instruments such as the MRI scans, PDA etc. For mobile phones alone, in Singapore, mobile penetration rate is more than 120% in year 2007 while 3G mobile subscriptions went up to as high as 2 million in the 2nd quarter of year 2008. (3) Yet, this pervasive nature is not only witnessed in telecommunications technology. In 2007, over 74% of household in Singapore has access to Internet, (4) engaging in all sort of e-activities - for communicating (emailing, instant mesaging, chat rooms, forum), for getting information, for leisure activities (reading online newspapers, downloading or listening to online music, watching web television), for dealing with government organisations/public authorities, for online banking, for education and online shopping etc.

1. ICT usage

1.1 Households/Individuals

(See statistics for Households by Individuals in 2007)

1.2 Business 

(See statistics for Business in 2007)

2. Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore 

(See iN2015)

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, or IDA, is a statutory board of the Singapore government, under the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA). Formed under the Info-Communications Development Authority of Singapore Act, IDA functions as the Chief Information Officer for the Singapore government, in which, it is respnsible for master-planning and also developing the nation's Infocomm scene and its infrastructure. In doing so, the IDA aims to cultivate a vibrant and competitive infocomm industry in Singapore - one that attracts foreign investment and sustains long-term GDP growth through innovative infocomm technology development, deployment and usage in Singapore - in order to enhance the global economic competitiveness of Singapore. (5)

IDA is also in charge of the nation's 10 year masterplan, Inteligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) which according to IDA, is the blue print to navigate Singapore's 'transition into a global city, universally recognised as an enviable synthesis of technology, infrastructure, enterprise and manpower.

2.1 Singapore Infocomm Portal

A collaborative initiative between IDA and Singapore's infocomm Industry to outreach to potential busines partners globally, the portal aims to profile local companies and their "Made-by-Singapore" products or solutions under a unified "Infocomm Singapore" brand. It allows potential business partners to a better understanding of the Infocomm Landscape in Singapore and offers them a chance to form partnerships with Singapore infocomm companies.

2.2 Infocomm123

Brought to users by IDA Singapore, is an information resource site for people to find answers to their questions on IT-related, mobile or communication issues.(6) It aims to promote a vibrant community of avid infocomm users and is in sync with launch of Consumer Education Programme, in preparation for the coming competition in the Public Basic telecommunication Services (PBTS) market.

The Consumer Education Programme seeks to educate and inform consumers on choices that will become available in the new competitive environment, as there is a 'need for all consumers to be aware of the benefits and choices available to them in a competitive environment, and the issues arising when exercising their choices." This is so that consumers will be able to ensure consumers are able to make informed and right decisions that best suits them.

3. Infocomm Landscape

IDA has a national role to identify and facilitate the adoption of infocomm technologies to enhance Singapore's competitiveness. It fufills this role by analysing and monitoring the trends and development of infocomm technologies, as well as promulgating and encouraging the adoption of infocomm standards in Singapore.(7) In order to accomplish these roles, IDA has implemented several programmes to meet the needs of different sectors of the Singapore economy, so as to boost growth in respective sectors of the economy.

In doing so, IDA hopes to build a conducive environment for development of ICT, to promote efficiency and international competitiveness of the respective sectors.

Digital Media & Entertainment


Financial Services


- Manufacturing & Logistics

- Tourism, Hospitality & Retail


- Business

4. Infocomm Infrastructure

(See Next Gen NII)

(See Infocomm Security Masterplan)

Over the years. Singapore has put in place an advanced and reliable infocomm infrastructure that has met the needs and demands of our economy and society. Today, we witnessed its achievements where household broadband penetration is more than 80% while Internet penetration amongst households is at 74% of the population. this was made possible through the National infocomm Infrastructure(NII).

As Singapore progresses into a world of globalised and networked economies where countries have to both compete and collaborate concurrently, the rescence of a good infocomm infrastructure will be crucial. Not only is it neccessary to raise overall competitiveness, there is also a need for Singaporeans to ride on the rapid advancement of technology. As a result, as part of the iN2015 Masterplan, IDA is planning to deploy the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure(Next Gen NII), in order to build a 'seamless, trusted and intelligent infocomm infrastructure' as a critical enabler for Singapore to gain a competitive edge in the global market. Through the Next Gen NII, IDA also wishes to enhance Singapore competitiveness of the infocomm sector through wider and more inteligent highways and ports for the flow of digital goods. 

6. See Also

ICT in Healthcare

ICT in Digital Media & Entertainment

ICT in Finance

E-Education (ICT in Education)

E-government (ICT and Government)


[Info-Communications Development Authority of Singapore Act|

Singapore Infocomm Portal


8. References

(1) ICT and Our society 







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