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LumiNUS Quiz can be proctored with Proctortrack.

What is Proctortrack? 

Proctortrack is the automatic remote proctoring solution your institution has selected for use during online exams. 

How does it work? 

The following guide will assist you, in going through the process of taking a proctored exam with Proctortrack. 

Why onboarding? 

Often students are unsure if their specific hardware setup will allow them to use Proctortrack. The onboarding process gives students the opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly during low-pressure circumstances. It also gives students time to make any changes to their system well before the first exam.

Check the Minimum System Requirements. Keep in mind that Chrome is the only browser to be used to run ProctorTrack.  

Students can fail onboarding for the following reasons: 

  • Facial scan missing or insufficient 
  • ID scan missing or insufficient 
  • ID scan shows invalid ID 
  • Environment lighting insufficient 

If you fail the onboarding exam, you will receive a notification listing the specific reasons for failure and be asked to retake the onboarding exam. 

Onboarding appears exactly the same as a normal exam, to help you familiarise to the testing environment. 

What do I need to take an exam using Proctortrack? 


Taking an Exam with Proctortrack

1. Log in to LumiNUS and choose the desired course from the home screen. 

3. Click on the Quiz link from the left menu. 

4. Click on the exam name to launch Proctortrack. 

5. Proctortrack window will open, where you will be required to download a plugin. Click on ‘Download plugin’. 

6. Save the plugin file. 

7. Launch the plugin and it will ask for a confirmation, click on ‘Add’ to proceed. 

8. Follow the instructions showed on the screen and click on ‘Continue’ 

9. You will now see the best practices page depicting the general guidelines which you should be following during the exam. (a). Read through the guidelines under the ‘How it Works’ tab on the top, to further understand the steps required. Please go through them and then click on ‘Go to next step’ 

10. a) This is the Download page. Proctortrack will attempt to automatically start the download. If it doesn’t, click here” to download Proctortrack manually. If the App was downloaded during any previous exams/tests, the download page will detect the downloaded app and bring forward a pop-up window to click on “open Proctortrack” to launch the application. 

(b)Open the (MAC) or Proctortrack.exe (Windows) file from the download bar at the bottom. 

11. Finally, launch the Proctortrack app from your downloads folder to continue. 

Using Proctortrack 

1. After Launching the ProctorTrack app, you will be redirected to the “Agreement to Policies”. Please read the agreement policies and then click on “Start System Check”. 

2. Once the Proctortrack App is launched, a System Check will run to verify that the system is ready. 

3. Now, you have to do the face scanning. Make sure to fill the frame before clicking “Scan”. After that, follow the on-screen prompts. 

4. If you’re dissatisfied with the scans, click on “No” to take the scan again. Otherwise, click on “Yes” to proceed. 

5 a. For the ID scan, please go through the instructions for a valid photo ID scan and click on Next.” 

5 b. Make sure to fit the ID within the frame and hold it steady so that it’s clear. 

6. Make sure to fit the ID (Driver’s License or Student ID), within the frame and hold it steady so that it’s clear. Click “No” if you are not satisfied with the scan. You can rescan the ID as many times as needed or click “Yes” to proceed. 

7. Then, the exam guidelines will be visible. Click on “I Agree, Let’s Begin” after going through them.

8. Proctoring has now begun. The window will automatically go to full screen and a blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session. You will be redirected to the exam launch page. 

9. On the top menu bar, you would be able to access the password. Click on it to copy the password and paste it in the password box and click on ‘Attempt quiz’. 

10. After you have attempted the questions, click on ‘Finish Quiz’ to submit the quiz. 

11. After clicking on Finish Quiz, it will ask for a confirmation, click on ‘Yes’ to proceed. 

12. Lastly click the End” button on the top-right corner to end proctoring. Check the box next to Yes, I have completed and submitted my test, then click on “End

13. The session data will be automatically uploaded to Proctortrack within a few seconds. 

The test session is complete! Both the buttons visible here will close Proctortrack. Proctortrack will have to be run before each proctoring-enabled test. Click “QUIT APP” to save the application for use with later tests, or click “Uninstall” to remove Proctortrack from the current machine. Keep in mind that an opportunity to download Proctortrack will be given before each proctoring-enabled test. 

For technical help/issues you may refer to troubleshooting guides:

or open a ticket at the Service Help Desk

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