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All the modules you are enrolled in will be listed as cards in MY MODULE page. To access the module, click on the module cards.

The modules will be grouped into two categories:

    This section will list all the modules that you are currently enrolled in. If you are not seeing your module, you can click the Not seeing your modules? link to have the list of modules refreshed. One of the reason why you may not be seeing your module is because the module may not be open yet, hence even though the module list is refreshed to show the module, it may still not be accessible to you.

    This will show all the official modules that you have taken. You are able to see these modules but they are not accessible / clickable anymore.

In this section, you will be introduced to the interface of the module page as well as the different features and tools available in a module.

Some items from the tools have opening and closing dates, so even though you see the items listed, it is possible that you will not be able to access the items.

Some items also allow you to apply actions or tasks on them. Often time the available actions are grouped in an ellipsis / the triple dots button (…). You can rollover on the ellipsis and it will show you the available tasks.

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