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The Gradebook tool can be found on the left hand side panel of your module, under the header Tools.

You will only see items on the Gradebook page if your instructors have given you the access to view the graded items. And, depending on the publish settings that the instructors applied, you will able to see the marks, grades, and comments for each graded item.

In each of the graded item’s row, there is a Verify button. You can click on this button to verify that the results of the graded item is correct. Once you have done so, the button will be replaced with a green check mark.

Depending on your instructors, verifying the graded item can be compulsory and you may get a reminder from them if you have not done so. If you disagree with the graded item, you are recommended to contact your instructors directly to get it resolved.

The graded items can have different weightage and is shown beside the graded item.

Additionally, on the top right of the table, you will be able to see View results statistics link. Clicking on this link will show you how your results fall in the class.

The statistics information is only available if your instructors also share the class performance.

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