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The Research Recruitment tool is available for both instructors and students. This tool allows you to post a recruitment for your research studies or projects. All LumiNUS users can go to RESEARCH RECRUITMENT to get information on any available recruitment.

You can post recruitments about your research studies or projects, but there is no feature to email all LumiNUS users to let them know about the studies or projects. Think of Research Recruitment as an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. Interested readers can go look for them.

It is important that you leave contact details for interested participant to contact you or if required, you will need to plan for a way to maintain registration.

The Research Recruitment page has three options on its left side:

  • Active Recruitments will show all recruitments that is currently ongoing.
  • All Recruitments will show all recruitments regardless if it has not started or already ended.
  • My Recruitments will show recruitments created by you.

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