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Transitioning from LumiNUS to Canvas

LumiNUS will be switched to a read-only status in January 2023 and will be available only for content retrieval by faculty. Students and non-NUS users cannot access LumiNUS. All course sites need to be migrated to Canvas.

Note: SCORM statistics and packages in LumiNUS will not be accessible. For statistics, please download them before 6th January 2023.

Search LumiNUS Staff Guide.

Access LumiNUS at You can login using your NUSNET ID and password.

The guide has been written to help you make the most of LumiNUS.

It is divided into categories to help you learn more about LumiNUS and find the right tools to help you in your teaching and learning processes.

Get to know the interface

Create your module and get
recommendations on getting started

Deliver your contents with
the different tools available

Use forum and chat to
encourage collaboration

Communicate with your students and others in LumiNUS

Assess your students with the
different types of assessments

Gather data using
poll and survey

Conduct your class or discussion
session online in real time

Grade assessments and consolidate marks

Monitor how your students are progressing

See other available features of LumiNUS

Search for the topic index

LumiNUS Support Channels

Please send all queries, issue reports and suggestions to LumiNUS Staff Helpdesk. Log in using your NUSNET ID and password. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to email, please contact NUS IT Care will route issues to CIT. We will handle these via the respective service desk. You may also call NUS IT Care at 6516 2080.

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