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Learning Flow is NOT a tool but it allows you to plan and organise your contents/tools (e.g. Files, Multimedia, Quiz etc.) either by weeks or by topics

You may enable the Learning Flow to create a specific workflow for students to navigate and access the resources throughout the course. 

Advantages of using Learning Flow

  • Students go through the Learning Flow to access the contents easily instead of going to the individual tools. Hence, you may hide the tools (on left menu) for a simplified view. 

  • Learning resources are better organised. You can specify the order in which the contents should be viewed. For example, if students need to read a document before watching the lecture videos, and to complete a quiz after that. 

Methods of adding items into Learning Flow

  1. Create the item as you add them into the Learning Flow. 

  2. Create the item in their respective tools first before adding them in the Learning Flow.

   * Method 2 is recommended for contents that require more work (e.g. Quiz and Survey). 

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