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To import the marks from LumiNUS graded items into IMMS, please go to IMMS ( and do an import.


  • When import LumiNUS graded items into IMMS, IMMS will ignore any any marks for users who do not belong to the module's officially registered students.
  • Marks will be rounded to 1 decimal place to be sent to IMMS.
    For example,
    1.48 will be rounded to 1.5 in IMMS
    1.45 will be rounded to 1.5 in IMMS
    1.43 will be rounded to 1.4 in IMMS
  • You can import more than one LumiNUS graded items into a single component in IMMS.
  • It's advisable not to change the marks directly in IMMS after the marks are imported from graded item into IMMS.

Below is the screenshot of how it looks like in IMMS. Choose Import from LumiNUS

Remember to click on Refresh from LumiNUS button to pull the latest graded items from LumiNUS.

Select the item by selecting the checkboxes and which IMMS component it maps to from the dropdown list and click on Import button.

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