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Access Survey settings

Before you go into Survey settings, check for the item visibility indicator.

If present, it means that your students cannot view that Survey.

You can mouseover the icon to view the reason that Survey is not visible to students.

To edit the Survey settings, go to the Survey you want to edit, mouseover the ellipsis (three dots), then click the pencil icon (edit). Alternatively, you can click the text link of the respective Survey under the Name column.

Set the Survey Period (open and close) dates

Set the open and close dates and times according to when you want your students to be able to do the Survey.

If done, click Save Configuration.

Make sure the Survey is published

Toggle Publish to Yes. If done, click Save Configuration.

Typically, Surveyzes are published ahead of time, then when the open date and time is reached, the Survey is available for the students to take.

If done, click Save Configuration.

Select who can access the Survey

Give everyone in the module access to the Survey

If you want to provide permission to everyone in the module, i.e. facilitators, enrolled students and guests, check Everyone in this Module. If done, click Save Configuration.

It is best to select Everyone in this Module if you are not intending to provide specific access for various groups to the Survey.

Or give selected access to the Survey

If you want to give a specific group (or groups) access to a Survey:

  1. click (not check) the parent group, then
  2. check the group(s) you want to give access to.

In the example below, we want to give Survey access to Facilitators as well as Tutorial Groups QF1 and QT1. We will:

  1. Check Facilitators. If you do not check Facilitators, only the module owner will be able to view the Survey.
  2. Click Tutorial Groups (EduRec). (If you check Tutorial Groups, all the groups will be selected.)
  3. Check QF1.
  4. Check QT1.
  5. If done, click Save Configuration.

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