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The steps to create a submission folder without Turnitin integration are:

  1. Go to your module.
  2. Click Files.
  3. If you currently do not have any folder, when you enter Files you will see a remark indicating that you do not have any folder and a link to Create one, click that link. Alternatively, click + CREATE FOLDER. A form will appear and the first section is GENERAL.
  4. Fill in the Folder Name.
  5. Set Folder Opens date and time.
  6. Set Folder Closes date and time.
  7. Set Sort Files by based on how you want the files to be sorted.
  8. Set Allow Student Submission? to Yes.
  9. Set Enable Turnitin Integration? to No.
  10. If you want to enable scoring, set Enable Scoring? to Yes. When it is set to Yes, an additional option, Max Mark, will appear in which you have to specify the maximum marks for the assignment.
  11. If there is a deadline, set Set Deadline For Submissions to Yes. When this is set to Yes, an option to set the date and time will appear, set them accordingly.
  12. Click CREATE FOLDER. You will be brought to PERMISSIONS section.
  13. Set the permission for the folder. If you want to grant access to everyone, tick Everyone in this Module.
  14. Set View Other Submissions? to Yes if you allow students to see each other’s submissions and download them.
  15. Set the Display Option to either by Student’s Name, Student Number, or Anonymous.
  16. Set View Comments? to Yes if you allow students to see the comments that instructors make on their submission.
  17. Click CREATE FOLDER.

When filling the Create New Folder form, you will be asked to specify the folder opening and closed dates. Students are only able to enter folders when it is in an opened state. However as instructors, you are always able to enter a folder even when it is closed.

Once the folder is opened, students can start accessing the folder and submit their assignment by uploading a file or adding a link. If they are adding a link from sources such as OneDrive, Google Drive, YouTube, etc, you may want to remind them to ensure that the link is shared as public so that you can access them.

Students are able to upload more than one files or links. If you do not want this to happen, please remind them to delete all their previous submission so that there is only one submission associated to them. Only students can delete their own submissions; as instructor you do not have the access to do so.

If you have marked a student submission and then they delete it, the records for this cannot be retrieved back. So you may want to only start marking after the folder is closed and students cannot access it anymore.

Sub folders not supported under Student Submission folder

You will not be able to create sub folders under a student submission folder. That explains why you are not able to see Bulk Create Folders button inside a student submission folder.

Instead, create a normal (non-submission) folder and then create multiple submission folders inside it.

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