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Set up or create Turnitin submission folders in LumiNUS Files.


Please read and understand the following before creating a Turnitin submission folder:

Files hosted on Turnitin

  1. Enabling Turnitin submission means that students will upload their files directly to a Turnitin assignment via LumiNUS.
  2. LumiNUS does not host a copy of the files for Turnitin submission folders.

  3. Only Module Owners and Managers can access students' files in Turnitin submission folders.
  4. Read Managers cannot access students' files in Turnitin submission folders.

    Integration caveats
  5. You should not undo the integration once a Turnitin submission folder is created. Files are not passed back to LumiNUS by doing so.
  6. LumiNUS submission folders with student submissions cannot be converted to Turnitin submission folders.

  7. Turnitin assignment settings must be configured after the Turnitin submission folder is created.

  8. Turnitin submission folders cannot contain sub-folders. Each Turnitin submission folder contains one Turnitin assignment.

    1. You can still create a normal student submission folder that contains several Turnitin submission folders. However, multiple Turnitin folders are best placed in a normal Files folder. This is to prevent accidental submission into the parent submission folder (which is not a Turnitin submission folder).

  9. Each student can only submit one file per assignment. If resubmission is allowed, any submission by a student overwrites his/her previous submission.

The steps to create a Turnitin submission folder are:

  1. Click the module card from the landing page, you will be brought to the module page.

  2. Click Files.

  3. If you currently do not have any folder, when you enter Files you will see a remark indicating that you do not have any folder and a link to Create one, click that link. Alternatively, click + CREATE FOLDER. A form will appear and the first section is GENERAL.

  4. Fill in the Folder Name.

  5. Set Folder Opens date and time.

  6. Set Folder Closes date and time.

    Unlike LumiNUS submission folders, this date and time is a deadline.

    Students can still enter the Turnitin assignment folder after this date and time, to view their submission.

    You control whether late submissions are allowed via Optional Settings > Submission Settings in the Turnitin assignment folder itself.

  7. Set Sort Files by based on how you want the files to be sorted.

  8. Set Allow Student Submission? to Yes.

  9. Set Enable Turnitin Integration? to Yes.

  10. If you want to release feedback, set Set Feedback Release Date for Turnitin Folder to Yes. A date and time option will then appear, set the date and time accordingly. This date must not be earlier than the Folder Opens date and time.

  11. Click CREATE FOLDER. You will be brought to PERMISSIONS section.

  12. Set the permission for the folder. If you want to grant access to everyone in your module, tick Everyone in this Module.
  13. Click CREATE FOLDER.