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This guide will teach you how to create a Files folder.


Access Files

In your module, click Files under Tools on the left sidebar.

Click Create Folder

Click the Create Folder button on the right sidebar.

Configure General settings

  1. Input a Folder Name.
  2. Choose the Folder Opens date and time.
  3. Choose the Folder Closes date and time.
  4. Choose the default sort order via the Sort Files By drop-down list.

    If you want to rearrange the files, choose Manual sort order.

  5. Leave Allow Student Submission? as No.
  6. Click Create Folder. You will be brought to the permissions tab.

Configure Permissions

  1. Select the permissions for the folder. In general, it is best to check Everyone in this Module, unless you are planning to give specific permissions to groups/individuals.

     Expand for details about setting permissions...

    Give everyone in the module access to the folder

    If you want to provide permission to everyone in the module, i.e. facilitators, enrolled students and guests, tick Everyone in this Module, then click Save.

    It is best to select Everyone in this Module if you are not intending to provide specific access for various groups to the folder(s).

    Or give selected access to the folder

    If you want to provide folder access to a specific group (or groups):

    1. click (not check) the parent group, then
    2. check the group(s) you want to give access to.

    In the example below, we want to give folder access to Facilitators as well as Tutorial Groups QF1 and QT1. We will:

    1. Check Facilitators. If you do not check Facilitators, only the module owner will be able to view the folder.
    2. Click Tutorial Groups (EduRec). (If you check Tutorial Groups, all the groups will be selected.)
    3. Check QF1.
    4. Check QT1.
    5. Then click Save.

    Give access to sub-folders

    When you create sub-folders (aka a child folder, or a folder within a folder), the default permission is to Inherit permissions from (the) parent folder.

    We suggest that you accept the default setting first. Changing sub-folder permissions manually at the point of creation allows you to set contradictory permissions e.g. providing access to the child folder but not to the parent folder.

    If you Inherit permissions from (the) parent folder, and you edit the permissions later, you will be shown only the subset of users who have access to the parent folder, making it easy to further restrict the permissions.

  2. Choose the Display option. This option chooses the format of the file uploader's name. You can safely leave it as Student's Name. (It will show the uploader's name.)
  3. Click Create Folder.

Your folder has been created. You can now upload files to the folder.

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