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Bulk creation of folders is useful in cases where you want to create multiple folders on per group basis.

Each folder will be:

  • named after the group, and
  • have the permission assigned to that group.

Bulk create folders does not create folders based on facilitators.


Access Files

In your module, click Files under Tools on the left sidebar.

Click Bulk Create Folders

Click Bulk Create Folders on the right sidebar.

Select groups for which folders should be created

Select the groups and/or individuals for which folders should be created. In the example below, we want to create folders for Sub-groups 1 to 3.

To ensure the right groups are selected, click (not check) the parent folders, then check the groups for which you want to create the folders.

Select facilitators permissions

Select the facilitators. This assigns the permissions for the facilitators to each of the bulk-created group folders.

This does not, unlike what the interface seems to suggest, create folders for the facilitators with the respective permissions.

Select other folder settings

  1. Choose the Folders Open date and time.

  2. Choose the Folders Close date and time.

  3. Choose the default sort order via the Sort Files By drop-down list.

  4. Set Allow Student Submission.

    1. If you are creating Files folders, leave this as No, then click Create Folders. A folder will be created for each of the groups selected, with the permissions for that group and the chosen facilitators.

    2. If you are creating submission folders, toggle to Yes. More options will appear. Continue with the instructions below to configure the submission folder settings.

Choose submission folder settings

You can bulk create LumiNUS submission folders or Turnitin submission folders. Please follow the instructions for the respective types of submission folders.

Configure submission folder settings, or

 Expand for instructions...
  1. Leave Enable Turnitin integration as No.

  2. If you are leaving marks for the submissions, toggle Enable Scoring to Yes. If Yes, enter the Max(imum) Mark for the assignment.

  3. Toggle Set Deadline for Submissions to Yes, if desired. If Yes, set the date and time. (Learn about Set Deadline for Submissions.)

  4. If you want to allow your students to view other students' submissions, toggle View Other Submissions to Yes.

  5. Choose how you want your student's identity to be displayed for the submitted files. For Display Option, choose Student's Name, Student Number or Anonymous.

  6. If you leave comments for your students about their submissions, which you want them to be able to read, toggle View Comments to Yes.

  7. Once done, click Create Folders. A submission folders will be created for each of the groups selected, with the permissions for that group and the chosen facilitators.

Configure Turnitin submission folder settings

 Expand for instructions...

Set Turnitin optional settings before bulk creation

If you require specific Turnitin optional settings, you should do the following before bulk creating the Turnitin assignment folders.

You can do this by:

You can delete this empty Turnitin assignment folder once you have bulk-created your folders.

  1. Toggle Enable Turnitin Integration to Yes.

  2. If you are providing annotated feedback, you should Set Feedback Release Date for Turnitin Folder to Yes.
    Your students will be able to read your feedback after the date/time you set.
    If you are not using this feature, leave this as No.

  3. Once done, click Create Folders. A Turnitin assignment folder will be created for each of the groups selected, with the permissions for that group and the chosen facilitators.

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