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The Announcement tool allows you to send announcements to students. Students will be able to see the announcements under the Module Announcements section in their dashboard or by going to the Announcement tools. Additionally you can also set the announcement to be sent through email or SMS.

Note: Though the option to send the announcement through SMS is available, please only use this feature when it is something urgent.

When you go to the Announcement tool of your module, you will be able to see two tabs:

  • Active – This is further categorized into:
    • NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS – These are announcements that have not expired. If you have any scheduled announcement, they too will appear under the NEW ANNOUNCEMENT section with the invisible yellow flag on them.
    • PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS – These are announcements that have expired.
  • Archived – All archived announcements will not be visible to your students.

From the students’ view, when they go into the Announcement tool of their module, they will only see NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS and PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS section.

Once an announcement is posted, it cannot be edited or deleted. You can only edit or delete scheduled announcement (announcement that is not posted yet).

If you find that you make a mistake in your announcement and it is already posted / sent to the students, you can post / send another announcement to inform them of the mistake.

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