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You can add and remove facilitators by accessing the Facilitators section of your module details. Once facilitators are added, they will be listed in cards. In each of the cards’ ellipsis, you will find the option to edit or delete the facilitators.

If you have quite a big list to add, you may use Import from Excel.

To add a user as facilitator of your module:

Click on Add Facilitator button on the right hand menu. 

On the pop out page, there's option to:

  1. Choose to add a NUS user with valid NUS id.
    Enter the name, email or userid of the user to be added. It will list out the filtered list. Choose the user from the dropdown list. 
  2. Create or add a non-NUS user.
    This is if you would like to add a user who is not holding a NUS id.
    Enter the email of the user.

Configure the other options and click on Add Facilitator button.

Note that a non-NUS user whose account is not activated will display "(Unactivated)" beside the name. 

If you need to delete multiple facilitators, select the facilitators' cards, and the context menu will appear with the wordings "xxx facilitators selected". Click on Delete under the context menu.

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