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Your new Lee Si Yuan wiki.

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  1. Hi there, I think this is your home page, but it isn't very clear. Maybe you should add your photo and a short bio here and organise it a bit more. Also you need to keep up with your musical entries more. It seems like your mostly using this for something else.

  2. Overall good, it seems you've found a way to make this useful for yourself. I think it's up to date, but just check and make sure to add all the performances and projects you did this term (video and programs). Thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    I can see you've been adding all your homework assignments here which is great, along with video (smile) I don't know what the daily things are really and it doesn't matter so long as you find it useful (tongue) What I don't really see is an update on your goals anywhere ever (you should probably have a plan for your time here) and your course description isn't very useful. Can you also add some info (reflections, programs, photo/video) of any performances you're proud of? If you do all this then you'll have a great portfolio.

  4. Hi there,

    This is your first Leading and Guiding Assessment. 

    I can't seem to find any new work from you this semester. I see that you labelled a place to add it, but I don't see that you have added anything so far. Is this true? Did you make a new page that I cannot see? I really hope so and if so please give me permission to see it like you did for the old one.

    Please understand that I am only going to evaluate your work 4 times this semester and you cannot wait till the end of the term to do everything. As it is now, you have a zero for your first grade and even if you get 100% on all the others, you will still only have 75%... It will be very easy for you to fail this semester if you do nothing each week.

    This is from the IVLE syllabus:

    Reflective Practitioner
    During the term, you will have around 22 class meetings covering a wide variety of topics. It is expected that you be responsible for keeping notes in your ePortfolio about the activities and information given during these meetings. Please make a separate page in your portfolio for this course. You should expect to add to your portfolio a bit after each meeting in order to capture the most relevant information for you for that day. There will be at least four times during the term that your portfolio will be assessed and feedback on your reflective practice given.

    Please see me if you need help. Thank you.

  5. This looks good overall, thank you. Feel free to also include any of the videos and links from our group page. Glad to see this is a useful reflection space for you, keep it up!